Policy and FAQ

PROTECT YOURSELF – Please only buy from an authorized Ticket agent.

Our Box Office

Tickets are not replaceable and should be treated as cash. Refunds or reprints are not available. Sometimes our promoters sell tickets through other sites, we do honor those tickets. If tickets are purchased from anyone else, they could be counterfeit or stolen and are not guaranteed.

‘Scalping’ is a slang term for the unauthorized sale of event tickets. This practice is not permitted on the grounds of the Royale. Anyone who is attempting to ‘sell’ tickets at any price (even if it’s being sold below face value) will be asked to leave the premises.

Dress Code

Bowery Presents Concerts:
No specific dress code, please see banned item policy. No backpacks of any kind will be allowed into the venue and all purses are subject to bag checks.

Friday Nightclub Events (after 10pm):
No shorts, (during winter) flip flops, oversized baggy clothing, tanks, backpacks, athletic wear, work or winter boots. Sneakers are allowed. No backpacks of any kind will be allowed into the venue and all purses are subject to bag checks.

Saturday Nightclub Events (after 10pm):
No shorts (during winter), flip flops, oversized baggy clothing, tanks, backpacks, athletic wear, work or winter boots. No backpacks of any kind will be allowed into the venue and all purses are subject to bag checks.

Private/Corporate Events:
We do not enforce a specific dress code, please inquire with your event coordinator for specific requirements requested by them. No backpacks of any kind will be allowed into the venue and all purses are subject to bag checks.

Persons with Disabilities

Mobility disability – Please call the venue at 617-338-7699 ext 211 or 210 with at least 2 days notice. Although we do not have a designated ADA area we will be happy to arrange a place for you to sit. Unfortunately, our balcony seating does not have elevator access or designated bathrooms. Our bathrooms are located on the first floor.

Age Policy

All shows at Royale are 21+ unless otherwise noted. Some Bowery Presents shows are all ages and 18+. Please refer to the events individual page, or our Calendar for information regarding a particular event.

Acceptable Forms of ID

Official Government Issued ID, Official Government Issued License, Passport. Out of state ID’s have to be an official government issued ID, cannot be a duplicate or copy. We do not take ID’s from out of the country, they would need to be your passport. We do not take copies of any form of ID.

Door & Set Times

Doors for Bowery Presents concerts usually open 1 hr. before show time. Set times are not released until the afternoon of the show. All are subject to change.


The ATM is located just inside the front doors on the first floor lobby and in the main room to the right of central bar. If for some reason this machine is out of order, please call the service number on the machine.

Coat Check

Is available during the colder months for $4.00 per item.


Readmission is allowed to *most* shows with the appropriate stamp given to the patron by the ticket taker. If the event is an under 21 show there is no readmission. Our nightclub events are at the discretion of the door, and normally not allowed after 12:30 am.


Smoking/Vaping is not permitted anywhere inside the club. If you are caught smoking/vaping inside or on the premises you will be asked to leave with no refund or readmission. Readmission (at most shows) is allowed for this purpose.

Marijuana – No Marijuana / Cannabis consumption of ANY type is allowed on these premises / in the venue. Patients with valid medical cards must leave the building to medicate. Marijuana / Cannabis flower and or any paraphernalia are not permitted to be brought into the venue at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited by patrons under the age of 21. Anyone violating this by law will be evicted and the alcohol will be confiscated without refund. To purchase alcoholic beverages, a patron must present a valid MA driver’s license, MA liquor ID, passport or military ID, which indicates the patron to be at least 21 years of age. (MA ID cards, duplicate licenses, expired licenses, damaged licenses and drivers licenses which do not have photos will not be accepted.) Out of state licenses are acceptable only if it is an official government issued ID. Patrons between the ages of 25-30 who provide an out-of-state drivers license may be required to produce a second form of identification (e.g., credit card). Any patron in the possession of alcoholic beverages on premises may be requested to produce identification which must satisfy the foregoing requirements. No refunds will be offered for confiscated beverages. Any patron who presents false identification or who passes alcohol to a minor may be subject to eviction and arrest. We will not serve more than two alcoholic beverages to a patron at one time and we reserve the right to limit service to one drink per patron. We will not serve any patron whom we believe to be intoxicated. Alcoholic beverages may not be taken into or removed from these premises. Any patron in the possession of alcoholic beverages not obtained on the premises will be subject to eviction. We retain the right to refuse any ID, and to refuse/cease service to any patron at any time. Our policies are in place for your protection, as well as ours.

Prescription Drug Policy

We are a drug free zone; however if you or someone in your party requires to carry a prescription drug with them we will allow under these circumstances. All drugs must be in the original prescription drug container, the name on the container MUST match the ID of the person carrying it. No pill organizers, or alternative pill cases will be allowed. If your item contains needles, or is for emergencies i.e. Epi Pen, this will be made known to the manager on duty. This is not meant to embarrass anyone but simply to provide knowledge to our staff in case of emergency.

Banned Items Policy

PLEASE NOTE: All Patrons Entering This Establishment Are Subject To Search Cameras, & recorders are not permitted inside the venue unless you have permission from a manager.

Non-professional cameras ARE allowed inside the club (i.e. Instamatic cameras and cameras without detachable lenses) unless artist prohibits.) All types of recorders are NOT allowed inside the club unless allowed by the performing artist.

No Backpacks / (Anything larger than a handheld size purse) no shopping bags, etc….)

No Drugs, including medical marijuana, or illegal substances

No outside food and beverage allowed into venue *unless for medical reasons
No Weapons (this includes small pocket knives, utility knives & razor blades)
No Large Climbing Clips
No Large/Long Chains
No Large Belt Buckles (Unless you are a cowboy) or Bullet Belts (unless they are silver bullets for killing vampires)
No Spikes
No Markers
No Stickers
No Flashlights or Laser Pointers
No costume masks will be allowed other than on the week of Halloween (masks will be asked to be removed for identification purposes)
No Drugs or Paraphernalia (Prescription Drugs will not be allowed into the venue unless they are in a prescription bottle. The ID of the person holding the prescription must match the name on the bottle. Please refer to our Prescription drug policy.)
No Flow art toys
No costume weapons allowed (fake guns, swords, spears, etc….)

Bag Policy

Wristlets and bags / purses measuring 6”x4” x 1.5 or smaller are permitted. They do not need to be clear
No Backpacks are allowed
All bags larger than 6”4”x1.5” are prohibited


Where can I purchase tickers in advance?

Nightclub Events – Tickets are available on our website, please view our calendar and then click the event you would like to attend. The link will lead you to our ticket provider, www.ticketfly.com.

Bowery Presents Concerts – Feel free to check our website for tickets to upcoming shows. Tickets are available at www.axs.com. For ticketing questions please contact AXS Customer Service at 855-482-2090 or by emailing thebowery@axs.com.

I’m having trouble purchasing tickets/I didn’t receive a confirmation after purchasing?

Please contact Ticketfly support at 877-435-9849 or customersupport@ticketfly.com

My child is under the age of 18, may they come to the show?

We are traditionally a 21+ venue unless it is otherwise clearly noted on our event listing. Some Bowery Presents shows are all ages & 18+. Please keep in mind that young children must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Does the venue have parking?

Our venue is surrounded by private parking lots that charge anywhere from $10 – $30, depending on what else is going on in the city. Directly across from us is Tufts Parking Garage, or next to the Courtyard Marriott is an outdoor parking lot.

What time do the shows normally end?

Bowery Presents Shows – Every concert ends at a different time. Set times and Ending times are not established until the day of the event once all of the bands have arrived. Our Friday & Saturday evening concerts will go no later than 10pm so we can prepare the venue for our nightclub event.

Nightclub Events – All events end no later than 2am, as per the Massachusetts law.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, we do in fact serve alcohol. Please see our policy page for acceptable forms of identification.

I lost my _______ how do I contact the venue in order to claim my lost item?

If you have lost an item, feel free to call our office Tuesday – Friday 12:30 – 4pm at 617-338-7699 in order to see if your item was found. We do our best to keep log of any items turned into Lost & Found. All lost & found items will need to be redeemed with the coat check tag. We are a nightclub/music venue therefore we do not keep normal business hours. Please keep that in mind when calling, the best time to pick up your items will be when arranged directly with a staff member from Royale or when the doors open to a show. Showing up at the venue will not increase your chance of having the item returned. Our venue is cleaned after every single show, therefore you will not be permitted to search the venue. We are not responsible for any items brought into our venue or turned into coat check.

I am in need of ADA/Handicap seating what do I do?

Although our venue is not traditionally set up with a designated ADA area. We do our best to accommodate all guests. Please call the venue at 617-338-7699 ext 211 or ext 210 at least 2 days before the requested event to arrange seating. We will be happy to assist you.

Covid-19 Policy

“Per the City of Boston, all vaccine and mask requirements have been lifted as of March 1st.
However our concert partner AEG / The Bowery Presents are handling on a show by show basis. A handful of shows will still be requiring some covid restrictions per the artist / management.
Please feel free to reach out to The Bowery Presents directly at 617-451-7700 to find out what and if anything would be required upon entry.”